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Are you downsizing or closing out an ​estate? Are you finding the process time consuming or overwhelming? Do you have unwanted items you need to sell or items you need removed? We can help.

At Estate Sales Service Professionals, our caring staff understands that any move can be stressful, but that when you have suffered a loss or are leaving your long-time residence, it is even more difficult. We strive to make the process easier.

We are a full service company specializing in making it easier for you to move on with your life. We offer options to help with all your downsizing needs. You choose which service works best for you.

We are a local company with a large following and a reputation for providing outstanding service. Our team of professionals has been assisting people with their downsizing needs for over 20 years.

Our services are tailored to meet your needs, so we can work with estates of all sizes.

We hold estate sales in your home to sell the items you no longer need or want.  Once you have removed the items you want to keep, our expert staff organizes all the items that will be sold.  Our knowledge of the local market enables us to price your items appropriately to maximize profits and sales.

Don't think an estate sale is right for you?  We also offer item removal services. We will meet at your location to evaluate your items and determine the cost of removal.  We give you credit against this cost for items of value. The end result? All of your unwanted items are removed without the need for an estate sale.

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