Estate Sales Service Professionals

Downsizing & Item Removal Specialists

Why should I have an estate sale?

Having an estate sale at your home allows you to sell all your unwanted items at once.  We bring the buyers to you which saves you time.  Our team of professionals also maximizes your profit by pricing each item to achieve the highest possible selling price in our current market.

When should I consider item removal services instead of an estate sale?

Item removal services work best for people who live in a neighborhood that doesn't allow traditional estate sales (such as gated communities and assisted living facilities), people who have only a few items for sale, or people who simply don't want to hold an estate sale in their home. 

What types of items will you remove with item removal services?

We will remove all your unwanted items, even if you have nothing of value. Our rates are extremely competitive.  When you have items of value, we deduct the calculated value of the items from the removal expenses. This could make the item removal free or you could even get paid to have your items removed.

What types of items do you sell at your estate sales?

We sell furniture, vehicles, artwork, boats, jewelry, general household items, linens, clothes, small appliances, refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, lawnmowers, antiques, collectibles, decorative items, and almost anything else you want to sell.

Should I donate my general household items and clothing before my sale?

We recommend waiting until after the sale to make a donation. Having a large variety of items in your sale not only appeals to a wider range of buyers, but also allows you to achieve the highest possible sale total by having more items available for sale.

What do I need to do before I meet with you?

All you need to do before we meet is decide which items you intend to sell and which items you intend to keep.

Why should I select your company to handle my sale?

We are a full service estate sale company with extensive knowledge of and experience in the estate liquidation industry.  We offer options to work with estates of all sizes and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.  Our team has conducted estate sales in the Gainesville area for over 20 years which allows us to have a steady following of loyal customers.  We are dedicated professionals who strive to make your sale a success.